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This Workshop

This intense and comprehensive skills development workshop has been designed for scientists that want to commercialise their innovations.

The business of commercialising research outcomes can at times be confusing and daunting, and full of traps for new players.

This workshop helps scientists navigate the commercialisation process and introduces them to the business of technology transfer.

It is designed to give scientists an overview of the commercialisation process to enable them to plan their commercialisation pathway, and to give them skills and knowledge to confidently proceed to commercialise their innovations.

The workshop is also useful for Tech Transfer Office staff that are new or new-ish to tech transfer, and need to skill up to confidently undertake their new role.

Click here to look at a detailed description of the two day workshop program.




​What insights can you expect from our workshop?


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Who should attend

​Everyone involved in technology transfer:

  • Scientists seeking to commercialise

  • Students seeking to commercialise

  • Tech transfer staff

  • Licensing staff 

  • Business development staff

  • Start up companies

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