A detailed description of the program is available by clicking here

IP licenses and other IP transactions are kept in focus throughout the workshop. 

Numerous case studies of IP transactions are presented, drawn from Philip's experiences negotiating IP transactions.

Program highlights include:


  1. Effective negotiation preparation.

  2. Interest based negotiation

  3. Making the other party focus on your needs in the negotiation

  4. Influencing the other party to make proposals that you want.

  5. Understanding the psychology of first offers for your advantage​​

  6. Understanding the psychology of concession making

  7. Effectively influencing and persuading the other party

  8. Strategies to overcome an impasse

  9. Strategies to deal with the difficult negotiator

  10. Shifting an adversarial IP negotiation to an interest based negotiation

  11. Framing your proposals to improve their attractiveness

  12. Delivering and presenting your proposals to improve their attractiveness

  13. Recognising the other party’s negotiation tactics

  14. The impact of cultural factors on an IP negotiation.

The program also includes two practical exercises when participants have the opportunity to implement the strategies covered in the workshop.